We bring an independent perspective on how potential buyers and their diligence advisors will likely view a seller’s accounting and financial information.  Based on that perspective, we make strategic recommendations designed to maximize sales price, increase the likelihood of a successful sale and shorten the timeline of the sale process.  With these goals in mind, we provide the following services:


Normalize Earnings

We identify earnings normalization adjustments and develop a compelling rationale and detailed support.  Our work can either be delivered as a branded report or we can assist management with the development and presentation of management prepared information.

Prepare a Normalized Working Capital Analysis

Going beyond the simple calculation of current assets less current liabilities, we normalize working capital and take into account various items to more accurately reflect the working capital required to deliver the earnings being acquired by the prospective buyers.  Normalizing working capital is a key task as the negotiated target directly impacts the economics of a transaction.

Assist With Financial Projections

We have significant depth and experience helping clients develop a detailed, "bottoms up" financial model used by sellers to validate financial projections.

Prepare and Maintain Data Room Documents

We compile the financial documents supporting our quality of earnings assessment and can be an extra set of hands for management to compile the various accounting information and analyses that will be requested by prospective buyers.

Consult With Respect to the Purchase Agreement

We will work with the seller's attorneys to ensure the accounting sections of the sale agreement are constructed in a manner that preserves value.

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